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Avren's crown

ID: 9
Region: Varnalocation: Avren
  • Parking Bay
  • PVC Window Frames
  • Hydro Insulation
  • Iron Decorations
  • Wood Decoration
  • BBQ
  • Swimming Pool
  • Laminated Floors
  • Built by Construmax
  • Project

The houses we would like to present to your attention will be located on a slight slope, overlooking the beautiful valley and the dam lake.

Once you step to the plot, you will feel calm and relaxed just by taking the view and the natural beauty. The entire valley, two dam lakes and 10 villages in the background are revealed from the high views and on a clear, sunny day the view is simply stunning.

The plot where the houses will be built is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Avren Village. The houses have good access to the village by an asphalt road where you will find two grocery shops, a tourist information centre, ATM Machine, a Medical Centre and a primary school (with the possibility of studies to be conducted in English). All these amenities make comfortable living for any family. The village has a full size football stadium where a few English players have already shown their skills with the local amateur team. The air in the area is known for the positive influence it has on the lungs.

The houses have been carefully situated on the plot and designed to give maximum daylight and view through the various large windows. Top quality construction is guaranteed by the building company. Each house will be finished with stone facing, wood decoration and quality roof tiles. Inside each house will have electric central heating, a fireplace, PVC double glazed windows, thermo and hydro insulation, refrigerator, oven, hot plate, aspirator, sink, cupboards and dish washer, which are all included in the price. The bathrooms will be fully fitted. Each premise will have either laminated floor, or floor tiles.

The yard will be professionally planted by Property Nanny, who are specialists in Property Management and Maintenance with several years of experience behind them and many satisfied customers. A solid fence will surround the yard, providing you privacy and aesthetically completing the estate.

Details about the houses:

  Living Area (sq.m.) FloorsYard Area (sq.m.) Price(EUR)
Akoya 153 2 411 109000
Zephyr 153 2 411 109000
Adamantine 202 2 803 145000

Avren Municipality is located in the northeastern part of Bulgaria, on a total area of 380 square kilometers, with population of 8613 residents and 3000 tenants. The municipality borders the Black Sea to the east, and is surrounded by Varna, Beloslav, Provadia and Dolni Chiflik municipalities. The altitude in the region is 380 meters, sloped to the South.

In general, the climate is moderate continental with microclimatic variances due to the influence of the relief and the Black Sea basin.

The territory of the municipality of Avren comprises of 10 villages, the administrative center Avren and Kamchia Resort complex. The main economy branches of the municipality are agriculture and tourism.

Kamchia Resort Complex with total area of 6,500 decars, situated within the territory of the municipality of Avren ranks third countrywide in richness of forests, which cover an area of 115,745 decars and consists mainly of oak trees, beech trees and pine trees. The mild climatic conditions, the fertile land and the abundance of easily accessible water sources favor the development of agriculture and tourism in all its varieties. Kamchia Resort Complex is the home of two biosphere reserves. The Kamchia Reserve is under the auspices of UNESCO and encompasses a protected area of 842 hectares, while the northern bank of Kamchia River forms the Longoza Reserve covering an area of 14 hectares. The natural beauty and solitude of the mouth of Kamchia River and Pasha Dere firth are especially attractive for tourists seeking a place of serenity away from the modern pace of life.

An elite 120 hectares eco village is planned for the end of 2011. Vinery, five star hotel with helicopter landing site, Spa, Sauna and Gym will be only part of the facilities the village will have by 2011.

The main advantages of this property are the location, the quality of build, and the high level of finishing. Once completed, the houses will considerably grow in value. Surely, this is a risk free investment with good return potential and great value for money.

SubID Title Features Price Plans
9 Akoya
Area: 153.00 sq.m
Bedrooms: 3
Land Area: 411 sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2
1910 Zephyr
Area: 153.00 sq.m
Bedrooms: 3
Land Area: 411 sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2
1911 Adamantin
Area: 202.00 sq.m
Bedrooms: 3
Land Area: 803 sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2
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