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Renovated Houses

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ID: 2521

Stefanovo, Dobrich

'Buy in Bulgaria' presents a renovated, one storey house in the beautiful Bulgarian village Stefanovo, located in a nice area and not far from Dobrich and Balchik.The house has living area 110 sq.m and has been recently renovated....

Area: 110.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 4

19 500


ID: 5833

Albena, Dobrich

We are presenting you sea view villa, located only 3 km from the wonderful sea resort of Albena and within walking distance to the beach. The house itself has a living area of 88 sq.m and the adjacent yard stretches over 470 sq.m....

Area: 88.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

69 000


ID: 3356

Bliznaci, Varna

Our pleasure is to suggest a two-storey house in Bliznatsi village. It is a small house in an old-Bulgarian style. It is 80m2, the floors have the following distribution:First floor - 3 rooms, storage.Second floor - living room, k...

Area: 80.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 4

43 000


ID: 2518

Iskur, Varna

Buy in Bulgaria sales a renovated rural house with a large yard in the beautiful village Iskar, not far from Varna.The house has living area - 80 sq.m, and is fully renovated. Build of stone and wood - this could be a perfect holi...

Area: 80.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 3

29 000


ID: 2497

Provadia, Varna

 ''Buy in Bulgaria'' offers a renovated, one storey rural house, located in the village Ravna, 50 km away from Varna.The house has living area 98 sq.m. The yard is large - 1250 sq.m. The house has been completely renovated - it ha...

Area: 98.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

24 000


ID: 3333

Senokos, Dobrich

Our company, "Buy in Bulgaria" is pleased to suggest you a comfortable house in the center of Balchik, which is located on the northern part of Black Sea coast.One-storey house of 90 m2 has the following expansion of rooms: Kitch...

Area: 90.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 4

23 500


ID: 3331

Chelopechene, Dobrich

The company "Buy in Bulgaria" is pleased to offer You a house of 100 m2, located in the village Chelopechene (Dobrich region), near the Black Sea coast.The house was built of stones and has been completely restored. Roof is new as...

Area: 100.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 3

34 800


ID: 2842

Mirolubovo, Burgas

"Buy in Bulgaria" offers you a fully furnished house, only 20 km from Burgas. The house was built in the 90s, but the owner did a major renovation and has installed external insulation. The house is equipped with air conditioners ...

Area: 250.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

59 000


ID: 2740

Ravna gora, Varna

"Buy in Bulgaria" offers you a renovated one-storey house in the village of Ravna Gora.The house has an interesting old Bulgarian style architecture with wood paneling. It consists of one floor with an area of 106 square meters an...

Area: 106.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

70 000


ID: 2658

Barzitsa, Varna

"Buy in Bulgaria" offers а two-storey house in the village Barzitsa, located 50 km west of Varna.House is brick made and is recently repaired and renovated. The total area of the house is 200 sq.m and yard area - 2300 sq.m.The fir...

Area: 200.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 3

30 000


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