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Renovated Houses

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ID: 2740

Ravna gora, Varna

"Buy in Bulgaria" offers you a renovated one-storey house in the village of Ravna Gora.The house has an interesting old Bulgarian style architecture with wood paneling. It consists of one floor with an area of 106 square meters an...

Area: 106.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

70 000


ID: 2658

Barzitsa, Varna

"Buy in Bulgaria" offers а two-storey house in the village Barzitsa, located 50 km west of Varna.House is brick made and is recently repaired and renovated. The total area of the house is 200 sq.m and yard area - 2300 sq.m.The fir...

Area: 200.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 3

30 000


ID: 2657

Valchi dol, Varna

"Buy in Bulgaria" offers house in the small town Valchi dol, Varna district.The house was renovated recently and has an area of 80 sq.m and yard 1200 sq.m.The house consists of three rooms - living room with kitchenette and two be...

Area: 70.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

21 000


ID: 2656

General Kiselovo, Varna

"Buy in Bulgaria" offers a good bargain property in the village General Kiselovo, Varna district.The village is 10 km. from the town Valchi Dol and 35 km. from Varna.The house has a living room with kitchenette, two bedrooms, hall...

Area: 70.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

15 000


ID: 2631

Golden Sands, Varna

"Buy in Bulgaria" offers three-storey house in an attractive area, close to Golden Sands resort.The house is solid construction - brick and concrete and is sold with furniture and equipment. Flooring - laminate and terracotta tile...

Area: 240.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 3

90 000


ID: 2509

Goren Chiflik, Varna

We offer a renovated one storey house in the nice Bulgarian village Goren Chiflik, located 47 km south from Varna.The house has living area 85 sq.m and is near the centre of the village and close to the school. There is a living r...

Area: 85.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 3

27 500


ID: 2508

Trastikovo, Varna

Fully renovated  rural house for sale, located in the lovely Bulgarian village Trastikovo. The house in near the centre of the village and near to the church. It is in perfect condition and at very attractive price.The house consi...

Area: 80.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

25 000


ID: 2490

Karnobat, Burgas

'Buy in Bulgaria' offers a new two storey house with a large yard in the village Dragantsi, near the town karnobat - Bourgas area. The house is for sale completely equipped and fully furnished with all appliances and modern furnit...

Area: 200.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 3

50 000


ID: 2487

Saint Vlas, Burgas

'Buy in Bulgaria' offers a new three storey luxury house, at the beach near the new yacht port in Saint Vlas. It is located at the first line in a closed complex with restaurants, room srvice, shops, swimming pool, parking, 24/7 s...

Area: 215.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 3

190 000


ID: 2284

Manastir, Varna

Buy in Bulgaria is presenting you a fully renovated house in Manastir Village, Provadia Municipality. The renovation was completed recently and the house is ready to welcome its new owners. The total living are of this property in...

Area: 90.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

36 000


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