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Two Bedroom apartments in Varna

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Apartent in the sea garden of Varna town
ID: 959

Sea Park, Varna City

We have the pleasure of presenting you a two-bedroom unit, located in the most expensive place of Varna - the Sea Garden. The apartment is located on the second floor with a built-up area of 115 m2. The flat comprises a spacious l...

Area: 115.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

160 000


Panoramic apartments in Evksinograd
ID: 1081

Evksinograd, Varna City

The complex is located in one of the most prestigious regions of Varna - Evksinograd, in a close proximity to the coastal highway, 10 minutes from the center of the city and 10 minutes from the luxurious resorts of "Saint Constant...

Area: 114.00 - 171.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

There are 8 properties.

79 500 - 125 000


Sea view apartments in Varna
ID: 1314

Trakata, Varna City

The apartments for sale are in a new complex, which is located in the peaceful and quiet area of Varna town - Trakata. The quarter is located in a close proximity upon the Varna - Golden Sands panoramic road, which allows a fast d...

Area: 104.09 - 105.70 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

There are 2 properties.

85 874 - 87 200


Sea view complex in a quarter of Varna
ID: 1045

Galata, Varna City

The complex is located in the southern part of the town of Varna in the area called "Zelenika" in the Varna quarter of Galata and only 1 km away from the beach and the golf course. It is located on an area of 4000 m2 with richly p...

Area: 83.00 - 119.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

There are 3 properties.

75 000 - 106 000


Apartments in a quarter of Varna town
ID: 895

Galata, Varna City

We have the pleasure of presenting you a complex in the center of Galata quarter. The location of the building is in an area with low construction and lush greenery with a beautiful sea view.  The residential complex consists of a...

Area: 118.00 - 163.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

There are 2 properties.

88 778 - 89 656


Complex 5 minutes from the beach
ID: 746

Evksinograd, Varna City

Newly built residential complex, located near the popular royal family residence "Euxinograde" and in immediate proximity to Varna City and St. St Constantine and Helena resort. The apartment offered for sale comprises: L...

Area: 104.00 - 114.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

There are 2 properties.

176 800 - 210 900


ID: 1041

Briz, Varna City

We have the pleasure of presenting you a complex comprising 4 blocks - A, B, A1 and B1. The complex has 4 lifts. Block A is located in the northern part of the property. It consists of 9 apartments and an attic room. Block B is si...

Area: 85.00 - 115.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

There are 4 properties.

58 919 - 84 500


ID: 10172

Briz, Varna City

“Buy in Bulgaria” is presenting you two bedroom apartment with sea view, located in the sought after quarter of Varna called Breeze. The apartment is sunlit and boasts beautiful sea view. It is offered filly furnished ...

Area: 100.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

90 000


ID: 10165

City Centre, Varna City

An excellent two bedroom apartment offered for sale by the owner. The property is on the first floor and has been fully renovated, including new window frames, flooring, paint, new switches, new front and interior doors. The prope...

Area: 85.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

72 000


ID: 262

Vinitsa, Varna City

Residential complex is located in the picturesque and quiet Vinitza quarter. It is situated on 6 km from the downtown area, 3 km from the summer resort “St. Constantine and Helena” and 12 km from the Golden Sands resort. The resid...

Area: 73.00 - 110.00 sq.m Bedrooms: 2

There are 13 properties.

45 000 - 101 500


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