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Preparation of Architectural Plans

Preparation of Architectural Plans

After implementing all the necessary steps for regulating your plot, you should do some research, receive an excerpt from the detailed plan of zoning from the respective administrative institution, covering the plot and the surrounding properties, that mark the existing structures, the permitted borders, height, density, intensity and other requirements for the construction on the plot, you will enter the Phase of drafting.

Phase of drafting includes three stages:

Preliminary design – rough copies of the plans are offered with the visa (Regulation Plan) to receive a visa for drafting.

Technical design – the rough copies are finalized and send for approval. The procedure takes 2-5 months.

Building design - after finishing the previous stage, begins the coordination for execution of the project: providing a construction team, garden designers, electricians etc.

The Architectural Plan can be approved and a Building Permision can be received only after presenting the preliminary agreements with the communal companies for switching in the infrastructural networks, approval from the fire-brigade, the visa (Regulation Plan) etc.

Buy in BG will prepare all the documentation and will present Architectural plans, consistent with the requirements and specifications of the client. Also we will do all the necessary procedures for receiving an approval. The price of this service depends on the area and location of the property.

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