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Geological and Tacheometric Survey


The geological survey is a must when you intend to construct a new building, or renovate an existing one. Having an idea of the soil composition, the ground waters, what the fundament is etc., you can rest assured that your property will stay where it is. Buy in BG are able to prepare a detailed Geological survey of the area you are interested of, and advise you of the current condition of the ground layers.

Water is scarce in some areas across Bulgaria; therefore, wells are getting more and more popular in the recent years. To determine whether water can be found in your plot of land, the Geological Survey is a necessity. Tacheometric surveying is defined as the set of processes necessary for the three-dimensional geometric definition of an element or a group of elements, in order to generate three-dimensional models by computer or to make conventional plans. Field data recording from topographic equipment, data processing and final drawing all form part of these processes. Please, do not hesitate to request a callback for all the additional information.

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