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Bulgarian cuisine and drinks

The Bulgarian cuisine is a reflection of the fertility and purity of the Bulgarian soil. It is rich and makes use of many different ingredients.

Steaks are popular in Bulgaria and are generally served with a vegetable garnish. In some meals the steak is stewed in a clay pot, along with pepper, potatoes and spices. Dishes, which contain chopped meat and sauce, are also popular, one of them being the so called Kavarma, which can be either pork or chicken.

From the salads, most popular is the Shopska salad. It contains tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions, pepper (either baked or raw) and the popular white cheese. "Snowwhite" salad is another popular salad, which contains Bulgarian yoghurt, cucumbers and walnuts. Bulgarians love the strong drink called rakia and complement its fruity, strong taste with salad bits.

The most common dessert in Bulgaria is the fruit. The Bulgarians also like cakes, various sweets and pastries, crèmes and more.

The Bulgarian wines are among the best in the world. In the recent years many investors have started producing quality wine in Bulgaria in various regions. There are local sorts, which only grow in Bulgaria. These sorts produce very interesting results, when coupaged with French or German sorts.

All of the tourists and guests of Bulgaria claim, that our fruits and vegetables actually have taste, as opposed to the supermarket fruits and vegetables, which are available in their countries. This is one of the many reasons they come back to Bulgaria year after year.

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