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Sell your property

Buy in Bulgaria is able to assist you, shoud you decide to offer your property for sale. We can provide you with valuable advice regarding the price of your property and your selling strategy.

Our own web resources have excellent visibility in countries like Russia and Germany, which provide 90 % of the property buyers in Bulgaria. The constant optimization and advertising allowed us to take one of the first positions when buyers search for properties in Bulgaria.

To be able to list your property we would need the following:

• photos of the property;
• the desired price;
• brief information about the property (area, premises, floors, land, furniture etc.);
• brief information about the settlement, where the property is located.

Once we receive this information we will inform you whether the price you expect corresponds to the market conditions at the moment and we will discuss the selling strategy. We will also need to check whether you are the legal owner of the property and if the property is subject to mortgage, bank loans and other circumstances, preventing an eventual sale-trade.

Please note, that we will in no way oblige you to work only with our company - you are free to list the property with other agents as well. It is imperative though, that the price you list is the same with all agents. Having different prices with the different agents may turn down many potential buyers.

We would recommend you to leave yourself a margin for negotiations with potential buyers. For all other matters of interest to you, please, do not hesitate to contact us by using the form on this website or simply give us a ring using the telephone numbers above.

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